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Achieve Wide-ranging Results Across Your Operations

Revenue Lift ◆ Revenue Capture ◆ Data Driven Decision-Making ◆ Sustainable Results

MedHealth Partners helps healthcare providers transform their operations to improve performance, reduce costs, increase their revenue collection and improve the patient experience to deliver real and sustainable results. Healthcare providers are devoting more time and resources to the challenges they face in an ever-evolving and complex industry. Healthcare managers are looking to boost revenue lift, increase productivity, and sustain margins. Our clients are looking for operational excellence, ways to scale their business models, and end-to-end solutions that bolt on seamlessly to their existing operations.

Every day, we go above and beyond to help our clients ensure that they are maximizing their revenue, identifying opportunities to improve their market position, and create a lasting impact on their operations for the long-term.

We Can Help

We help our clients improve the quality and efficiency in the way the operate by offering technology-enabled solutions across revenue cycle management, call center operations, back office support, lead generation and marketing solutions. In short, we help our clients get an edge in the healthcare industry.

What We Offer

Revenue Cycle Services

We offer end-to-end revenue cycle outsourcing services from front-end registration, eligibility and benefit verification, billing and claim submission, denials management and appeals, underpayments, and complex specialty claims management.

Analytics & Assessments

Our proprietary performance management system helps enable managers to real-time business decisions to improve operating measures and the bottom line.

Call Center Solutions

Scaled, global delivery sometimes includes having a 24/7/365 operation. Our office provides call center services for healthcare providers across lead intake, customer service, and billing and collections. Our team is your team and we act as an extension of your brand.


We developed a comprehensive workflow management tool that hard-wires standard benchmarks, best-in-class metrics, and daily follow-up practices across revenue cycle management, EMS Charting applications, and back office operations.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Our expertise stretches across healthcare sectors as we have deep digital marketing expertise and we can create and manage digital strategies and solutions such as web site development, lead generation and nurturing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) solutions.


We're here to answer any questions you may have and to show you how to increase revenue and maximize your return on investment.